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A-22 Steering Knuckle Question

While doeing a service on my A-22 getting ready for next weeks Hood River Tour, I noticed that only the TOP king pin bushing came with a grease fitting, the steering knuckle straddles the axle so this should put the thrust load on the lower thrust bearing not the upper,(If the AXLE were to straddle the spindle then the thrust would be on the top) I have had this assembly apart in the past and don't recall the king pin as being rifle drilled to lubercate the bottom bushing and thrust bearing via the top grease fitting...The parts book also shows the main thrust bearing as being on the upper side of the axle with the grease fitting...This car has always seemed to steer a little stiff and am wondering if it could be from lack of lubercation to the lower thrust bearing... Did Durant get his thinking backwards or am I all wet... Bill

Re: A-22 Steering Knuckle Question

Bill on my 22 durant somewhere in its past someone drilled and tapped the spindle for a grease fitting, also the thrust bearing/thrust washers on mine were situated below the axle. Originally there was a small dowel pin set in the bottom of the axle to locate th top half of the thrust bearing/washer. Hope this helps. will

Re: A-22 Steering Knuckle Question

Thanks Will....This morning I installed grease fittings in the lower spindles and the lower bushing and thrust washer's now grease nicely....Now hears the skinny, there is a method that is suppost to grease the lower end when you grease the upper, there is a half round 4" long spiral slot ground on the O.D. of the kingpin, grease is suppost to transfer between the pin and axle eye, Problem is that it doesn't take much to plug the slot, dried caked grease, rust, ect. Anyway, would recomend the grease fitting's if your not getting lube to the lower end...Bill


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