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Vacuum pump

I have been fighting with my vacuum pump system in my M2 1928 Rugby. The Stewart is the model without levers. Gas flows from main tank to vacuum pump, but gas do not flow evenly from vacuum tank to carburetor, it flows, but after a long while carburetor gets out of gas, as if the flow is not enough. All piping is clean and gas and vacuum valves of the Stewart lid operate correctly. I think that flapper valve do not seal enough, or that vent hole of outer shell is not big enough. In my model, the vent inlet of the vent valve does not connect to the environment as shown in manuals, but connect by means of a copper tube to the outer shell, and the outer shell has a vent connection.
My questions are, how much tight should seal the flapper valve and how big should be the vent hole.
Sucking with the mouth vent valve after closing the gas discharge valve, some sucking from vent valve is observed, flapper valve should not leak at all?
Gas flows neatly from the main tank to the vacuum tank, noise is heard clearly still after the engine stops for lack of gas.
Somebody can give an advise?, no local repair for this system and not very practical to send it to repair to the US as I am in Argentina.

Re: Vacuum pump

have you checked at the tank to see if the tube in the tank is good or that you are not sucking air at the copper tubing and tank connection?

Re: Vacuum pump

I had the same problem with my car starving for gas and it turned out to be the screen on the inlet to the carb was plugged. After I cleaned it the problem was solved.

Re: Vacuum pump


Thanks a lot.


Re: Vacuum pump

Check out http://hudsonsuper6.tripod.com/ There you will find a S-W vac tank repair manual


Where Are You From? hudsonsuper6.tripod.com/

Re: Vacuum pump

Thank you very much Lewis, I will study the document thoroughly.

Best regards

Ricardo H.Colombo

Re: Vacuum pump

I published two articles in the Durant Magazine, do you have them. I can send you electronic copies.

Re: Vacuum pump

Sory Jan for my late response. I have not seen your answer. Based on all the advises and available documents, and a lot of perseveration, my Stewart is working nicely.

Best regards and thanks



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