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split rims

Hi y'all,
Well, thanks much to Frank W. who turned me on to a master rim tool for sale on ebay. I was having a heck of a time trying to get a split rim back together after repairing the tube. Frank told me that "this tool makes it almost simple!" Well I guess I'm pretty simple because I'm still having a heck of a time. Seems like when I spread the rim I can get the rim back on one side but lack 1/4 inch of making it on the other. Is the rim twisted???, or am I doing somthing wrong? Any one of you guys an old hand at repairing tires? Could sure use some help on the proper way to use this tool and get my wheel back on my '27 coupe so I can drive it.
P.S. I've read with interest of some of you getting together for an event but seems like most of you are in Canada or out West. Anyone down here in the South? It would be neat to get some of us together and I'd be happy to help accomplish that in any way possible.

Re: split rims

I am having trouble following you. aThis is what works for us on our 1922 Durant

To Remove tire from rim:
Rim tool has three arms that when spread out look like a Y. Hook the two moveable arms over the rim, one on either side of the split. The other arm will hook over the rim accross from the split. Tighten the tool with the handle and the rim should split, allowing the rim to compress, and thus you are able to remove the tire and tube.

Now you repair your tube, or replace tube and tire.

Replacing tire & tube on rim:
First, dust the inside of the tire with powder. I use baby powder, this keeps everything dry, same as a babys' bum. Now drop the tire & tube assembly aover the compressed rim. Now you have to get the rim back so that it looks one piece. You hook the two parts over the rim on opposite sides of the split, and the third arm directly accross. Now you slowly aturn the handle to press outwards and at the same time use some sort of a pry bar to make the split come together. Our rims have a bolt to hold the whole thing together when you are done.
You will have to get used to the procedure and keep moving the arms untill you get it.

I hope this helps you.


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