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14 L Settings.

Hello. Can anyone tell me what we should set the valve clearances at cold on my 1926 14L? The book only tells us the Hot setting of .006. Also, does anyone have any tricks for inserting the pistons from below? any special homemade tool configurations or tricks? Most of the cars we have worked on have allowed us to insert the piston from the top but this is not possible on my 14L. thanks again.

Re: 14 L Settings.


My experience with replacing the pistons on my 14L was that because of the size of the crank lobe, you have to insert the piston and rod assembly from the bottom. Once you get it in, it will sit up high enough above the top of the engine that you can attach the rings. Then you use a standard sleave compresser and lube it up real good with light weight oil and tap it into place with the wooden handle from your rubber hammer. The only trick that I have used is to rough up the cylinder wall a bit with a wire attachment on your drill. This will help the new rings seat properly.

Hope this helps, it worked for me.

Gary Warden

Re: 14 L Settings.

I checked my Durant tune-up book. It calls for valve settings of .005 cold, and .006 hot.

Re: 14 L Settings.

Gary, that doesn't seem right. The gap gets less when the engine is hot, not more.

Re: 14 L Settings.

Gordon, You are correct. I went back to the book and it seems to have it listed backwards, I guess. I am glad that you caught it.



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