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14L idle

Hello, I have a 1926 Star coach with a Continental 14L 6 cylinder engine. We are having difficulty getting it to idle smoothly. We tried another carb from Lance (thank you Lance) but it still seems to "load up" on idle and run to rich with the exhaust smelling like gas. Adjustments do not seem to make a difference. We will also check the manifold for leaks. The ignition system has mostly been replaced. Seems to run ok other than at idle. Any ideas?? thank you.

Re: 14L idle

Are you running vaccum tank if so it may have a leaking float causing the tank to over fill and the fuel to be drawn in the intake manifold and thus causing a very rich mixture at idle .

Re: 14L idle

That reminds me of the vacuum line that runs from the intake manifold to the vacuum tank. If a needle valve in the vacuum tank sticks, fuel will run down into the intake manifold. This will run rich and make it difficult to restart the motor.


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Re: 14L idle

I am using the vac tank. However, I think it did the same thing when we ran it without the tank. I will check however. Also, it starts pretty easy even after running for awhile. Great advice.

Re: 14L idle

I am wondering if a tight intake valve may be upsetting your vaccume, you might try putting a vaccume gauge on to confirm or eliminate that possiability....also late ign. timing may play a small part...Just a couple more thoughts (?) Bill

Re: 14L idle

Thanks to all for your responses. We ran a compression test (we should have done one earlier) and discovered that one cylinder has very little compression with a couple of others with low compression and 2 with good compression. We plan on putting in new rings to remedy the problem. I sincerely appreciate all the replies and help. Olson Gaskets has the gaskets and a guy named Paul Weaver has the rings. This forum is awesome!!


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