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Need wheels for 1929 Touring 60

I just bought a 1929 Durant 60 touring. I would like to restore it as close to original as possible. I need four wooden, correct wheels with hubs. Can you tell me where to find them?

Re: Need wheels for 1929 Touring 60

len if u still need wheels for ur 29 durant it finally stopped raining here and i found my old durant rear behind a shed it has 12 spokes so i was wrong on year they need to be respoked but u can hav them if u can pick them up (2) sorry i dont hav 4 if u already got wheels then disregard message
thanx bec

Re: Need wheels for 1929 Touring 60

Leonard. You have first pick on all four of the four 12 spoke wood wheels off that 26 "R" Star I bought off E-bay. Mike Larsen is on his way picking it up in Eastern Washington. They are the same wheels that came on a model 60. So they will work. We will let you know the condition and when we can ship them to you. Later Lance Haynes San Diego.

Re: Need wheels for 1929 Touring 60

Hi Leonard & Lance
Although 28-30 models take same front bearings, spindles, hubs & drums will not inter change. I have a lot of 28/29 ( 30 odd years collecting ) gear but shipping to US is a big expense. Lance, i have often e mailed you but never get through. What is your em address?

Re: Need wheels for 1929 Touring 60

Hi Sid,
My email is: Leonardb@emm.org or LAMBurk@juno.com
I am not sure why your email would not be coming through.

Re: Need wheels for 1929 Touring 60

len if you still need wheels go to ebay type in durant and search ebay motors guy in nv has 29 2 dr
sed listed for sale [sure looks like a coupe to me]
its rough but appears to hav all 4 wheels on it and
he says the tires hold air may be something you can use

Re: Need wheels for 1929 Touring 60

Thanks for the info. Yes, the car on ebay looks like what I need. There may be other parts on the car that I also need.
I'll see what happens to the bidding.

Re: Need to sell soft top and doors for jeep

I am trying to sell a used soft top and doors to a jeep. I cleaned a friends garage for salvage and these were in there. How much should I charge and where might I sell them


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