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Re: Domain

2. What is a domain name?

All computers on the internet have an "address" much like your house address, this address is called an "IP address".

A domain name points to those address and allows a person to simply remember "" instead of the IP address "".

Imagine if someone could type in a name into their phone, and it would call you automatically, without the person needing to know your phone number. This is what happens with a domain name.

3. Why has my domain name transfer failed? Why was my Domain Name not transferred?

Domain name transfers can fail for many reasons.
The four most common reasons are:

- The administration contact e-mail address on file for your domain name is incorrect.

- The transfer authorization e-mail that was sent was not confirmed within 4 days. One of the largest reasons this happens is because the e-mail was filtered into a "junk mail" or "bulk mail" folder.

- Your domain name is in "LOCK" status with your current registrar.

- Your domain is within the first 60 days of registration, or expires in less than 7 days.

Please ensure that your domain name does not fall under any of these categories. You may need to contact your registrar to ensure the domain is available for transfer.

Once this bas been verified, please open a ticket in our Support Center requesting that your domain transfer be re-issued.

Support Center -

4. Do I have to transfer my domain name account in order to use Bravenet's web site hosting?

No! You don't have to transfer your domain name account in order to use our web site hosting.

If you decide you do not want to transfer your domain name, we will provide the correct settings to change at your domain registrar for your pro website hosting service.

Some of the reasons why you should transfer your domain name to Bravenet are:

- To simplify all of your accounts. Your domain name, website hosting, and web tools will all be in the same account.

- Your current registrar is too expensive.

- Your current registrar does not offer the features or services that you can receive at Bravenet.

- You are not happy with the maintenance tools provided by your current registrar.

5. What should my nameserver settings be for my domain name?

Your system uses a dynamic domain system, and each user is assigned specific nameservers when their account is created.

If you no longer have these settings available to you, you will need to open a ticket in our Support Center requesting your nameserver information. Please ensure that you include the domain name in question.

Support Center -

6. What is a domain registrar?

A domain registrar is a company that has been approved to register domain names, these companies have been audited and licensed to provide this service.

All domain modifications must always be completed through the original registrars website.

If you register a domain name through us, then we would be your domain registrar.

7. How do I change the nameservers associated to my domain name?

a) Login to your Bravenet account

b) Click on "Domain Names"

c) Click on "Nameservers"

d) Click on the "modify nameservers" button next to the domain name you wish to modify

e) Change the nameserver information, and then click on the "Save Changes" button

8. How do I change my domain contact information?

a) Login to your Bravenet account

b) Click on "Domain Names"

c) Click on "Domain Contacts"

d) Click the "Create New Contact" link and add the new information

e) Click the "Create Contact >>" button

You can now select the new contact information in the dropdown list for your domain contacts.

9. How long does a domain name transfer take?

A domain name transfer can take up to 7 days to complete. If any nameserver or contact changes are needed, they will take an additional 24-72 hours to take effect.

10. Is it too late to transfer my domain registration to Bravenet?

There must still be at least 45 days remaining on your current registration. Any domains that expire in less than 45 days will automatically be denied by your current registrar.

11. How long must my domain name be registered before I can transfer it?

Your domain must have been registered for at least 60 days before you can transfer the registration. Any domains that have been registered for less than 60 days will automatically be denied by your current registrar.

12. How do I renew my domain name?

a) Login to your Bravenet account

b) Click on "Domain Names"

c) Click on "Renew Domain"

d) Click on the "renew domain" button next to the domain name you wish to renew, and proceed through the payment process.

13. How do I forward my domain name to another website?

a) Login to your Bravenet account

b) Click on "Domain Names"

c) Click on "Domain Forwarding"

d) Enter a webpage address into the Website URL box next to the domain you want to forward.

e) Click on the "Save Changes" button

Your domain will start forwarding in approximately 4 hours.

Re: Domain

Ok all this talks about is tranfering

as far as I know I registered through bravenet so ? -o-

ps: who ever made the internet complicated needs to go into hiding.

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Re: Re: Domain

If you think the internet is complicated you obviously know very little about computers. The internet is one of the simplest aspects of computers and probably couldn't be made any simpler and still work (without having a central body administering everything).

Re: Domain

Um ok i was being sarcastic But back to my real question

How does one activate his domain? O:

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Re: Domain

That question is hard to answer.

Basically, you purchase a domain name.

Then you follow the instructions you get from whoever you purchased the domain name from.

Typically, you will need to arrange with someone to host the domain.

No one can answer your question without knowing more about your situation.

Re: Domain

Here we go again

My friend bot this account for our starcraft team ( we wanted to upgrade to php) while he is away for a fwe weeks I was suppose upload my scripts. as far I know he bought the domain name through bravenet. from what they tell me it was on their previous host and i have to through them. But it shows up under bravenet domain name list o0;.

You getting me yet??

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Re: Domain

Not really.

The basics are:

(1) you must purchase a domain name

(2) you must arrange for hosting

(3) you must associate the domain name with the hosting account

The above may take 5 to 15 minutes of effort on your part. Then, if Bravenet is involved, it may be a few days before the site can be surfed by people all around the world.

Where are you in the process (steps 1-3)?

Re: Domain

1: Purchased from Bravehost with upgraded plan
2: Bravehost hosting ...

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Re: Domain

3: dont understand number 3

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Re: Domain

Since you haven't told us your domain name, it's hard to understand what you are trying to do, how well it is working out, and why you're asking the question you are asking.

If you purchased hosting from Bravenet, and signed up for the domain name as part of that process, then what I mentioned as #3, associating the domain name with the site, should already have happened.

The next step would be to create your site and upload it to the account.

If you told us the domain name, someone could help you figure out what's up.

Re: Domain

Tty for at least replying

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Re: Domain

Well, now we know a little more than we did before.

The domain you mentioned,, was registered at a company called SECURESERVER.NET. Here's the Whois info:

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Updated Date: 09-mar-2006
Creation Date: 09-mar-2006
Expiration Date: 09-mar-2008

And if you visit that domain, you will get an answer to your original question.

Click on the link to check it out:

If you don't know what services you have purchased, or from whom, it's hard for anyone to give you much help. It looks like you have not only purchased the domain from that company, but also space for your web site as well. You might try contacting the company to try to verify that, or to find out what was actually purchased.

And you are welcome!

Re: Domain

I looked around that site a little more, and it does indeed seem that you have (or someone has) purchased a hosting account there. You can see the files on the account by going here:

You even have a php.ini file, contents as follows:

register_globals = off
allow_url_fopen = off

What I can't tell is whether the hosting account has been paid for a year or more, or whether there will be monthly charges, perhaps to someone's credit card or PayPal account.

You really do need to check into who paid how much for what service, and how long the site will be up at that address, but ...


Re: Domain

We payed for a year under Bravenets hosting plan from what the support guy tells me it was bravenets former host provider and i have to go through them or something o0;;;; which is kind of gay

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Re: Re: Domain

I renewed my domain and my hosting. so will it take 15min or so to get my site back up or will it take the 7-10 days?