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Regiments of the British West Indies

Questions and Answers about the Officers and Men of the Caribbean who served in the British Army.

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Re: BWI regiment sent to New Brunswick

I'm doing research on the Jamaican Maroons. I am a descendant.

According to some books I read, the Maroons broke a treaty or two, and they were exiled to Halifax, Nova Scotia, directly, in the early 1790's (sometime after 1769). There is still remnants a Africa Town in Nova Scotia today.

Some of these Jamaicans were eventually, re-exiled in late 1790's-early 1800's to Sierra Leone in Afrika.

Maybe the group that escorted them was the BWI Regiment?

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Replying to:

I'm trying to find out any information about black members of a BWI regiment being sent to New Brunswick , Canada in the early 19th century. If any one has come across this link I would be really interested - apparently the soldiers were disbanded there, and they settled in St Johns and further north in Nova Scotia.

Also, I trying to find an Edward Bannister (c.1783-1832), who may have been a in one of the regiments that enlisted slaves in Barbados.

Anne Avery

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