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Poppy Day.

Hi Bobby,
I was wondering if you knew that John Mccrae of "Flanders Fields" fame had a New Cumnock connection?
His Grandmother Jean Campbell was born in New Cumnock in 1814 and her Grandfather Ivie Campbell was born at Garclough New Cumnock in 1754.
Cheers Fraser

Where are you from ? Blackness (Linlithgow)

Re: Poppy Day.

Good to hear from you again Fraser. Yes, I know of Jean Campbell of Maneight and as coincidence would have it I have submitted an article on 'The Ivie League' and 'Flanders Field' to the local newspaper this week. I have been very fortunate to make contact with Stuart Clarkson, like John McCrae a native of Guelph, Ontario. If you want to leave your e-mail I will send you a copy.

This summer I met with another member of the Ivie League, Neil Harris from Australia, who is a descendant of the Rowan family (Thomina Campbell married a Rowan). I think we can change to saying of we are all Jock Tampson's weans to we are all Ivie Campbells weans soon.

thanks again
all the best

Where are you from ? barrhead via new cumnock

Re: Poppy Day.

Hi Bobby,
Just checking in with your website for the first time in a while and read about your article. Would you perhaps be able to e-mail me a copy too? It would be nice to show my parents and other relatives here. Did I tell you that I found online some "genealogical charts" (ie pedigrees) for the descendents of Ivie Campbell's champion greyhounds? Perhaps there's an Ivie Kennel to speak of now too.

Where are you from ? Ottawa, sadly in Guelph no more

Re: Poppy Day.

Hello Stuart,
Good to hear from you. I e-mailed the article and hope you got it OK. all the best, bobby