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Alexander Peden

Hi Bobby,I am decended from Francis and Marion Cooper who in the 1841 census stayed at Mossend, Marion was born the 21st June 1777, she was the daughter of George McMichael and Veronica Murdoch.George and Veronica were married in Ochiltree in 1764.
I think that Marion may be the "Mrs Cooper" who had Alexander Pedens mask,sword,bible etc. This is based on an online book I found on google books "pioneer families of Longpoint Norfolk county Canada" which stated that one off Marions brothers James McMichael was the Great Grandson of Alexander Pedens brother.
I am also one of the Ivie League being decended from Ivie Campbells daughter Isabella who married William Graham. That means I am distantly related to Erica who did the previous post.Small world!
Fraser Darling

Where are you from ? Blackness (Linlithgow)

Re: Alexander Peden

Thanks very much Fraser for getting in touch with a fascinating piece of your family history and of course Covenanting history. It's great to learn more about Mrs Cooper, where she stayed and her association with Sandy Peden. thanks again, all the best bobby