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Charity walk

Charity walk

Glenafton Athletic would be delighted to offer you free parking and use of our facilities at no cost during your forthcoming charity walk. Tel/fax club office 01290 338022 or email

Where are you from ? New Cumnock

Re: Charity walk

That is really terrific of you guys at Glenafton Athletic!

I'm getting lots of positive responses from around Britain, but with about 142 stops on the 5-month WALK, I need a lot more!

Again, Thanks, and I'll be in touch by email,


Where are you from ? Kawerau, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Re: Charity walk

Hey, Bobby Guthrie and John Timpany and all other readers - truly, what a small world this is!

I've just been and read the Glenafton Atletic F.C. website (well done there, Bobby), and it shows that your most recent game was 16 February, when you beat Musselburgh Athletic 1-0.

I'm from Musselburgh, but more than that! My uncle, David Paterson, was President and my older cousin, David Paterson, was centre half of Muss. Athletic! I often used to stand at the side barrier at the pitch at Olive Bank with my grandfather - yes, you've guessed it, he was David Paterson also - watching the matches.

I'm writing a book about my WALK around Britain, and one chapter is devoted to my grandfather's part in WW1 - he was in Mesopotamia, now Iraq.

At the webside I see reference to the Boys Clubs matches. I was a full-time Training and Activities Officer with the Scottish Association of Boys Clubs around 1968-9. My wife (Dalkeith) and I came out to New Zealand in 1973.

O.K. Now you can all add your coincidental asides and reminiscences to this!

Best Regards to all and Good Luck to the Club,

David Paterson.

Where are you from ? Kawerau, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand