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Photographs of New Cumnock

Hi Robert Guthrie,
I am interested in purchasing jpg images of some of the New Cumnock photos in your website.
I will be presenting a powerpoint presentation of the Williamson Family story to a local Historical Society in one of the towns the Williamson's settled in, in Australia. The Williamson Family (4 brothers) were born in New Cumnock and I am wanting to use pictures from both Scotland and Australia to tell the story.
Could you let me know costs per image and method of delivery.
Also, would you be interested in a copy of the story when finally written?
Thanks, and also thanks for such a great website. It is a real help to us on the otherside of the world, although I managed to visit your town once two years ago, on a wet cold day!!
Bill Murcutt

Where are you from ? Victoria Australia