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Re: Remembering Bob Hamilton

I believe I do...God Bless you and him.

Re: Remembering Bob Hamilton

Knew him well from day one in 1979 at Pinder. I was assigned to a gun section then Top told me I was going to be his armorer. At my previous posting in the 9th ID, I was in a gun section then made armorer.
I was a spec4 when I arrived and shortly after being made armorer after school in Vilseck, he told me I was also going to be in SW team.
After a year and a half they transferred Top to HHB 1st AD Divarty in Pinder, and he took me with him no idea why.
He put me in S2/S3 in operations preparing briefing material for Col. Shallikashvili, respected him a lot.
But Top Hamilton taught me how to be an nco not a lot of words but by example.
I will never forget him.
He also pointed me in the right direction when I first arrived and fell in for formation one morning still drunk. He put the fear of Top in me and never happened again.