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Warbonnets at the Wall in DC

My wife, Jean, and I visited The Wall on Veterans' Day and attended the annual ceremony. While visiting, we wanted to locate the name of one of the soldiers from my battery (HHB) who was killed in a tragic accident on Artillery Hill. We walked up to one of the National Park Service volunteers to help us find the name. The volunteer recognized the 14th Artillery crest on my hat and shirt. It turns out that he served in the ammo section of Service Battery 6/14 from November, 1968, until January, 1970. This overlapped for a few months with my time in the battalion. His name is Tom Tabor. He said he went by the nickname, "Top." He has served as a volunteer at the Wall since 1986. I told him about our recent reunion. He seemed to be aware of the website. I told him to consider joining the gang in 2018. Does anyone remember Tom?

When we visit the Wall, we are always hopeful that we will connect with someone who served with the 14th Artillery. So, this year's visit was very special.