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2016 Reunion

Thank you to 2016 Reunion organizers David Termin, David Laukat, Clem Smiley, Tom Rezentes and their support team for planning and coordinating an exceptional 4 days of activities and hospitality in Lawton-Ft. Sill. While re-connecting and comaraderie are always a high point at every reunion, this one was so special with the privilege of celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the the 14th FA with Officers, NCOs, and Soldiers of the active 1st Battalion at Ft. Sill who all showed great respect to Association attendees and to our legacy. The Friday 100th Anniversary Ceremony at the Old Post Quadrangle, Saturday Live Fire Demonstration of the HIMARS (rocket artillery)on the Ft. Sill range, and Guest Speaker Lt Col (Retired)Allen West at the hotel banquet were all first class, highly memorable events. To me, the 2016 14th FA Reunion could go head-to-head with reunions of any military association for best in class.

Re: 2016 Reunion

I couldn't agree more. I'm already looking forward to Branson in 2018.