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Re: 2016 Reunion

Well, it used to be "War Bonnets"... now it's something else.

Don't mean to start a Fire Mission here but... I hope at some reunion the subject of changing it back to War Bonnets is considered. The Unit Crest has nearly nothing to do with Satanta. Satanta hated the United States and the United States Army. He committed suicide by jumping head first from a prison window, a prison the Army put him in... to get away from both.

Re: 2016 Reunion

Mr. Mutchler, 2016 reunion info is at this link:

June 2016. It is at Ft. Sill. I'm looking for those who served with my father in B Battery 1/14FA, circa November 68 to April 69, Chu Lau. Possibly LZ Dotty. I'm considering attending the reunion myself it that is possible. I would like to hear what he experienced over there as he didn't speak of it. Thank you, Kyle