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Dak Seang April 1970

Looking to find 2 enlisted rto/fo guys who were with me just 100 meters or so in an op postion outside dak seang camp. Both were wounded by recoiless rifle round while they were trying to relay fire missions from FO, on mountain north of the camp, to firing battery at old dak to fb just west of tan canh. I was advisory team leader wth 4/42nd arvn infantry. Our sister bn was on the mountin being overrun. I believe they were in commo with LT. Kelly who was with my teammates up their. Years ago I did speak with one of the guys wounded but have lost contact info. We loaded both guys on a slick that heard my radio call for emergency medivac. The pilot came in on the airstrip outside the camp. He just kind of slid along the strip while we loaded the wounded. The dinks were firing ricky rifle fire and 12.7 mg the whole time. Brave aircrew and heroic arty guys who left our bunker position to put up long antenna on their prc 25 to relay fire missions. Just a few more brave soldiers who probably were never recogonized for their Valor. Anyone who has any info or were involved in the battle please contact me. WELCOME HOME BROTHERS

Re: Dak Seang April 1970

I was at Tan Cahn when the soldiers were brought into the MASH unit set up in our compound with the 42 ARVN Reg. I did not know their names, but they were hit pretty good and were rushed into emergency surgery and then medivaced to Cam Rahn Bay. From there I guess they went to Japan or Okinawa. I was also on the chopper pad when LT Kelly's body was brought in. It was a sad day for all of us.

Re: Dak Seang April 1970

Was at Ben Het, over the mountain to the west of Dak Seang, with B-Battery, 2nd section, firing support for Dak Seang during that mess.