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1/14 B Battery

Looking for a connection with anyone who was in LZ Stinson from June-Sept 1971. I was in FDC. I arrived as a short timer since I did a year with other divisions in III Corps.

Re: 1/14 B Battery

I was with B Battery 1/14th Arty Gun #3 my first fire base as LZ MaryAnn then to Mildred .Then back to MaryAnn for few days.Then they jumped us to some LZ to the east can't remember the name.Then to LZ 270 out of DaNang then to hill 510 for a couple weeks then back to 270 till they stood us down in Oct.71. I remember Larry [Alphabit] cause his last name was hard to say] in FDC .Captain Parramore was BC then, First Sargent was Womack chief of smoke. My section chief was sgt. [Butch] Christian at that time. That's about all I can tell you . If you know if [Alphabit] ever regained use of limbs let me know. Larry Gregerson Utah.[ I don't remember you but didn't get up around FDC very much].Hope all is well with you.Larry G.