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Requesting any info on next reunion in New Orliean?

Hello fellow cannon cockers! I served with A Btry 6/14th Arty from January 1966 to January 1967. I was the number two man with the 2nd Gun Crew (Red Tepee II)with SSGT Murray being out gun chief. Sometime while we were at Duc Co Special Forces camp in the Ia Drang Valley,I was put into the FDC. I think it was in May or June. My wife and I are very interested in attending the next reunion which I hear is in New Orleans. If anyone has, or will have any info for that reunion, please forward it my way. I would also like to hear from anyone who served with A Battery. All of you have my deepest respect.

Re: Requesting any info on next reunion in New Orliean?

Hi Gilbert:

Looks like the reunion in New Orleans is off-too high a cost. The search is on right now; have had proposals about holding it here in San Antonio-would be our third one here, or Colorado Springs.

The certainty, or at least something you can bet on, is that there will be one in 2014, and no more than about 500 miles from Fort Sill, to enable the active duty people to attend with a bunch of Army dollars, instead of all on their own.

Roy Huff

Re: Requesting any info on next reunion in New Orliean?

Any where that we can have a reunion would be fine with me. I'd like to be kept informed of any and all information that will get us together in 2014.

Re: Requesting any info on next reunion in New Orliean?

I checked a little on the internet and found rooms at LaQuinta inns for $89 plus tax in differant locations in New Orleans.. This is march, off season prices, not even group rates.. Other hotels were even cheaper. Great deals on meals also.. Sure right downtown New Orleans its a bit more but off season they will deal..

Bob Lund