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trip to ft sill

I will be traveling to Ft Sill in November & would like to hear from anyone in the regiment that might be able to give me any heads up info about Ft Sill, after all it has only been 51 short years since i took AIT there, then went to Ft Hood to 1st Bn 14th Arty. let me thank each one of you that answer, all tips & hints that can make it a "good trip" i will forever be grateful. my main target is of course the regimental room, but i have no idea who to call, do i need an appointment or how does it work, also the Artillery Museum, i have been a life member for 4 or 5 years now & have not found anyone that was there when i was. I also hope to maby see the 1st Bn since i grew up in that unit. thanks very much. joseph blackwell

Re: trip to ft sill


My name is David Laukat and I represent the 14th FA Regiment as it's honorary CSM. The 1-14th FA is still active at Fort Sill, while my home is in Oklahoma City; about 90 miles away.

You are most welcome to come to the Fort Sill area any time that you are able to visit and look around. I might warn you though, the battalion no longer fires cannons, but fire artillery rockets off of wheeled launchers. They have been in the field this past week with live fires being conducted.

Give me a heads-up as to when you would be in this area and I'll get with the commander and CSM and arrange a time when you could come out to visit with the unit. We'll make a visit out to the new Artillery Museum if you'd like along with other areas.

David Laukat
(405) 818-9107

Re: trip to ft sill

thank you for the info, i will be in ok in the evening of 14th of nov & will be there 2 days 15 & 16, i have not made the reservations yet so if i need to i change the dates a week either way, that is one of the blessings of retirement. if you make any phone calls i will be happy to pay for them. once again i thank you. joseph blackwell

Re: trip to ft sill

I'll put the dates onto my calendar as a reminder. If for some reason I can't make it there are a few other association members that I'm sure will be able to meet with you. Have a safe trip.