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Fiddler's Green

It's a sad sad day when someone has to use another MOS's poem and modify it for their own. What exactly does an artilleryman dismount from anyway... the original poem comes from Cavalry and dismounting from their horses.... pretty sad you couldn't come up with your own and had to use someone else's and claim it as yours. Plagiarism at it's finest.
Way to go gun bunnies

Re: Fiddler's Green

Sure would be nice to know what (of where) you are referring to.
If (whatever) is of any offense to you don't blame all gun bunnies.
Welcome to the internet where anything of fact or origin can be edited then forwarded or posted anywhere by anyone and by some who lack the guts to post their name or Email address.

Re: Fiddler's Green

Oooops... found it on this web site.
OK, post the one you claim was written for the Cavalry and it's author or source.
Maybe your name too...

Re: Fiddler's Green

Hmmmm... Fiddlers Green may have been a poem for the men of the 6th and 7th Cavalry. Being that I found that info on the internet I really can't take that for fact either. That's why I wrote 'may have been'.
Whatever... if you were Cavalry I'd bet you sure appreciated Artillery support.