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Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Charlotte Motor Speedway (Lowe's Motor Speedway)
is hosting a "Welcome Home" celebration to all Viet
Nam Veterans on March 31st. It is being hosted by the
North Carolina Association of Broadcasters who have
been advertizing it on radio and TV. Should be quite
an event. My wife and I will be there for sure.

Re: Charlotte Motor Speedway

General Admission tickets to this event are sold out.
The only way to get into this event now is to bring a copy of your DD214 as proof you served in Viet Nam with ID. With that you will not be turned away.

Re: Charlotte Motor Speedway

The 'Welcome Home Celebration' for Viet Nam Veterans
at the Charlotte Motor Speedway was an overwhelming
success with over 66,000 attending. It was an very emotional day and a great day of laughter and meeting old friends. Met and talked to Phil Crowley, a 14th
Artillery Association Member and four other guys who
served under 1st Field Forces. Charley Daniels ( at
75 years old ) rocked the house down. A great day.