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What's up with all the deaactivation???? First "D" battery and now "C" battery, is the battalion being deactived piece meal??????????????

Re: Deactivation

No they are not deactivating units, but reorganizing them into a plan begun back in the mid 80'. Both cannon and rocket batteries were reorganized slowly into 8 gun or rocket batteries, thus saving extra manpower from both FDC & HHB from the lost battery. Delta batteries were lost about the time all the 105's were replaced by the newer 155's, both SP and towed. Only the Airborne still use 105's, and those are the much newer M119(?) smooth bore British howitzers. The Delta battery that the 1-14 FA deactivated was only a temporary battery setup for use during Iraqi Freedom. It was activated (provisionally) solely to retrain the Soldiers back into their artillery roles. After the first of the war FA troops were used in non-standard roles, such as truck drivers, radar operators, infantry, and Garrison headquarters elements. After we departed from Iraq Delta was deactivated as no large retraining issues were needed. David Laukat