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Re: Board of Inquiry Report

Shoot! I must have stumped everyone on this little tidbit!


Re: Board of Inquiry Report

Yes there was a fire and yes there were 128 of 130 hourses killed in that fire. 2,000 men and 90 officers helped controll the fire. Following the fire Battery F, 14th FA was inactivated for a month or so and reconstituted as a mechanized artillery unit at another post. I cannot remember which one at this time. A short article was in the New Your Times on Monday, 10 April 1939, page 36 L discribing the fire.
No, no one has found any Board of Inquiry results listed at any easily accessable site. You might try: http:/ or the Army Historical Foundation historian
No one has been avoiding answering this question for you, it's just that no one has an answer regarding the inquiry. Up to this point no one even knew there was a fire in 1939.
If you are able to discover more facts as to this incident it would be much appreciated if you pass them on to me.