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Update on email, Agent Orange, VA Med Ratings

Please make note of my new email addy.

I'm finally getting confirmation and documentation from others that were in our Battalion (14th Trans AV MT) in RVN 70-71 of our exposure to Agent Orange. The medical conditions and evals of those that were in II Corps.

Understanding what I'm going thru and now others, doesn't make it easier knowing that others are worse off than I.

VA in MPLS is a very good facility. St Cloud too.

I raise a question to all, have you gone to the VA for a rating? It a process. Don't take your first rating as is. After your first eval and rating, you must appeal with all your mil med records. Get the VASARD, talk to a DAV rep on this. Line up your records for each item on your health issues. PTDS is an automatic 10%. Marry up all you Mil med record vs the VA's. Do DUE Dilligence comparing what you have to file. Make copies and a list for your appeal(s).

It's been over 12 years now that I went thru that ordeal, took over three years to get it right.

Now I'm getting requests from all over the country to help guys out. Missing records sitting St Louis is not an excuse. If they can't find them, networking to find buddies to make a statement of fact is your next best bet.

At one time, being a CW4, I thought I could do anything for any PV1 to a GEN. Well it doesn't work that way anymore. Though I'm willing to help others now, get your info together, then ask.

I haven't forgotten about you "Red Legs". I'm honored having served with you!

CW4 Daniel Haskins