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Have ya noticed...?

Last week I watched R. Lee Ermey's "Lock n Load" show
on the History Channel where he covered artillery.
Once again, two of the most interesting artillery
pieces, the M110 and M107 weren't even mentioned.
I have a model of the M107 and whenever anyone see it sitting on my desk they are always surprised to
know it's actually a model of a real artillery gun.
Then when I show them a picture of an M110 the usual commment is "oh my gosh!" or "you've got tom be kidding!"
Ok, I understand R. Lee Ermey "Gunny" is a Marine
but still... the M110 and M107 are probably two of
the most unique artillery pieces ever conceived.
Yet... not even mentioned by a guy named "Gunny".
And... probably the least covered artillery by the
media during the Viet Nam War.