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Re: 14th FA Crest

Sorry to disappont you, but the Crest and all other related materials are correct. There is not, nor has ever been a bent arrow (actually a war spear with feathers)for Chief Satanta. Please read the heralodic information on our Crest tab. In addition, the 14 FA Regimental Room has a replica of the spear, as does the Set'tainte (Satanta) family decendants. Any image that shows anything other than what is on the Crest or in possesion of the family is incorrect. If you look at our new Satanta tab you will notice his ceremonial spear placed at the front of his Tipi.

Re: 14th FA Crest

David - you are correct. I retired in 2005 and spent my last 8 years teaching at whisc(former school of the americas). It has access to and info about everything that has to do with our army since its beginning. I called a friend and you are without a doubt correct.

Re: 14th FA Crest

Twas the 6th bn WAS BENT! I did not clarify.

Re: 14th FA Crest

Thank you for your last reply. There are a few of the 6th BN members that are bent too, but only a little bit. Have a great day and would like to see you at the reunion 6-9 March in San Antonio, TX.