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Re: 6/14th web site

Here is the site;


Re: 6/14th web site

Hi all, been out of touch since the old 6/14th site went down. Glad to see it's back and will check in on occassion. Just a little on me for anyone interested; 10 Ton "Dragon Wagon" driver from Pleiku 618th/794th. I moved a lot of the guns from "B" and "C" , May/June, 1970 and also participated in the Cambodia Run...oops that didn't happen did, anyway I do have some pics of a few of the guns from those days, not real good but some might recognize them or themselves, also have some pics of the "Quads" who served as escorts. Later Gators. "Tommy"

Re: 6/14th web site

I commanded many convoys for 6/14 between Pleiku and Ben Het. My time in country, 9/69-9/70, seems to overlap with yours. We probably navigated those roads together. Whenever we moved one of our guns, an officer had to be in charge. Being one of the junior lieutenants, I frequently drew the duty.