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Germany hhb 1/14 81-83 hi

Hi folks,
First time on here. somebodys put in a lot of effort. Would love to upload some of my pics from back then. Noticed not a lot of Garlstad folks.
Looking for guys from hhb that supported 3/41.


Re: Germany hhb 1/14 81-83 hi

I was with "B" Btry 1/14 at Garlstad from 80-82, wonder if we ever ran into each other.


Re: Germany hhb 1/14 81-83 hi

I was just perusing old forum messages and took a look at this one.
I was in the 1st BN from 70 - 71 in RVN. The website needs lots of pictures added from times past and present. It lacks a lot of information from the 1st BN, and others. Most of it is 6th BN.
Whatever you have please forward on to our webmaster Dave Termin. His contact information is Thanks for asking, and sorry no one responded earlier.

Re: Germany hhb 1/14 81-83 hi

Hi there. My name is Jack Gaudette. I also was in Garlstedt from 1980 to 1983. I was in A battery 1/14th. I was in FDC. Also have a few pictures. Nice to see you on here. This was my first time ever on this site. Thank you my brother for your service hope you and all you love have a great holiday season.

Re: Germany hhb 1/14 81-83 hi

Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to all current and former members of the Satanta Regiment. Post your pictures.