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The 6/14 arty website

Fellow Warbonnets of the 6/14th Artillery. I wish to inform you that I will no longer be a contact person for the website. I have had many request to have items of intrest added or changed for this Battalions website. I do not have any control what so ever of this webite. The webmaster and owner is Patrick O'Kelly and he and he alone has full control for his website. You will find his email address on the website if you wish to contact Patrick. If would like to post anything about the 6th Battalion you may contact the webmaster of this regimental website for more information. Remember I will not respond to any questions about the website as of today 30-Aug-2008. I wish to thank my fellow Warbonnets of the 6/14th arty for your time and understanding on this matter.
Charles Maldonado

Re: The 6/14 arty website

Where is the 6 of the 14 website
all I see is a link to this site.

Re: The 6/14 arty website

Well gee & gosh darn Charlie, that really harshes our mellow... but that will not dampen the spirits of all the wonderful comrades of the noble 6th Battalion 14th Field Artillery web site and we will as you say "If you would like to post anything about the 6th Battalion you may contact the webmaster..." and we will continue put it on the 6/14 Arty web site.
We have 265 wonderful Brothers that are on the list (.. you too Charles because we love you and always will Brother) So drop on buy when you have a chance and let us all know what's new in your world and give us something to post on "Your Website" the 6/14 Arty

So, as we have been saying since December 2001:

Were you with the 6th Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment?
Did you ever serve with this noble unit; heroes all?
Are you a family member of someone who served?
Were you a 'Redleg' with any unit?
Are you a Veteran?
Then there is a place you should not miss. It's always growing and changing
and it's there for you! Information, stories, photographs and more
from the people who were 'there' and those who know them.
Have any questions or desire some information about the website?

Patrick O'Kelly
Webloader for the 6/14 Arty

Re: The 6/14 arty website

Served in the Service Battery Nov 68 to December 69. Our 5 Ton trucks delivering 8 inch and 175 To A B and C Batteries. Oh and the hip shoots. The long nights at the ammo dump. . The Polock