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2008 Reunion Photos

To All,

There has been some issues come up for those that ordered 2008 Reunion photo CD's at the reunion.

I have talked to our photographer, Tex, and he assures me that all CD's (2 ea.) have been mailed out. He made a second mailing 25 July at the request of Rex Weaver as many did not recieve a copy in the first mailing.

If you got your CD's right away please let me know.

If you did not get any CD's by 31 July please let me know.

If you got your CD's and you had 3 copies of each photo on disk 1 please let me know.

If you got your CD's but disk 2 was blank please let me know.

What I want to try and do is make sure that everyone that ordered a set of CD's got theirs. If there were any problems with them I want to get that fixed.

Do not go through Rex Weaver to resolve any of the CD issues.

Re: 2008 Reunion Photos

I have received no disks. My check to Tex cleared on Jul 7, and I have spoken with him on the subject earlier today, Jul 28. He told me that he had sent out all the disks, but would send mine again. I in turn told him that I would email him with my address, just in case, and that was done this afternoon.

Had sent my previous emails on the subject to Rex since he arranged for the photographer and common sense would say that he should have more influence with him than any of us, especially since Rex's wife is I think an attorney and Rex is I think a community leader.

However, the more the merrier, so go to it, boss.