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Black Friday on Pinder

Sorry about the spelling on the subject of the last message but "Black Friday" was a Big Durg Bust a lot of them went down that day. Anyways doesn't look like to many from my time are on this site but it's great to see the old barracks I still can't believe it gone, I sent some of my old pic's I hope they get put on the website I have many more pic's of Pinder and Germany after 11 years in Germany I miss it.

Re: Black Friday on Pinder

I was at Pinder Barracks from 1980 through July 1982, A battery 6th/14th . I remember a couple of shake downs about that time, but one which everyone was called onto the parade field in formation, then the sirens could be heard approaching and then everything and everyone was searched. I recall several soldiers going down that day but never heard it assigned a nickname like "Black Friday". I just started doing a few internet searches. I can't believe the old building is gone, but glad our mission there was successful.

Re: Black Friday on Pinder

I was there the same time....Capt misiack from jersey city nj, was commander. He tried to out drink us. A black guy from Chicago who played awesome guitar.... a redneck from Carolina who played the banjo...
col shalicosveilly. he was the one responsible for black Friday....I heard some soldiers sued ....
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