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will be a new life meber once I get an email back from cliff

Well, how can I say this. A Btry, 1st 1/14th was my 1st Artillery unit, 1983 Garlstedt Germany. What great time we had there and many memories. We were under the great LTC Jerry "Gunner" Laws and CSM Jerry laws. I still have a great friend that I met there and now he made is SGM and is at Sill. I think he might be retiring early next year. If he is not a member somone at Sill find him! SGM Oscar Daniel.
Take care all Redlegs...13Z5M2S Retired. Living now in Itaewon, South Korea. Serving as a US Housing Manager until 2009. Life member VFW Dept of Pacific. Former Commander VFW Post 10215 Uijonbu, South Korea.