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1st SGT Hamilton

This is the first I heard of his passing. I had the privilege of serving as his armorer and driver in A 6/14 FA. He then pointed me into the SW section. I could go on for pages of the conversations we had at Graf and Hohenfelts. Freezing your butt off in a jeep together makes for friendships.
He then followed me to 1st AD Divarty as their TOP were he sat on the board for me to get my stripes.
We spent a lot of late hours and early mornings in the DIVARTY TOC truck at Graf managing Col Shali's guns and trying on frozen mornings to expand the side walls of the TOC.
He had a way of motivating you and making you remember what a NCO was. He taught me a lot about leadership and people as well as myself.
I was in Germany maybe 3-4 months when I made the mistake of coming back to late from NBerg. Fell out for morning formation still hammered. He walked up to me and informed me that I was in his battery and never to do that again or I would be a private instead of a SPC4 real quick. Never did it again!!!!!!!
Even when you made a mistake he would correct you but at the same time make you understand what you did and WHY you shouldnt do it again. And that it did not look good upon him or the unit or the US ARMY.

I could go on forever but all I can say is TOP we are all going to miss you.