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Re: Remebering Bob Hamilton

I met CSM Hamilton as a young man stationed in Pinder Barracks, Zindorf, Germany. He was my CSM for about 4 years while serving as Battalion and Divarty CSM. He selected me for my SGT and SSG promotions. My fellow soldiers and I learned to be NCOs watching “Big H” (as we the junior NCOs used to call him). As years went by and we, his NCOs, took over Platoons, Batteries and Battalions across the Army, his lessons and leadership style were passed along to many soldiers. In this way, his legacy lives on. This is not the first time I say this, CSM Hamilton was the best CSM I ever worked with during my entire career. I’m proud to have served under him and in later years call him my personal friend.
Goodbye CSM.

Re: Remebering Bob Hamilton

Bob Hamilton,was my first example of a 1st Sgt, when I arrived at Pinder, Christmas Eve, 1979,and was assigned to A/16/FA, I can remember him leading PT formation in the mornings, he would take us around Pinder, then out the GATE,down the rode and back to Pinder, I can remember the comments,made under our breath that he must have a motor in his behind, he was a soldiers soldier, It was an Honor to have served under his watch, thanks CSM.

Re: Remembering Bob Hamilton

I only found this site for the 14th FA a few days ago and it was a bittersweet experience when I learned of CSM Hamilton's passing. To echo the sentiments of so many others who have posted their condolences, including a few I served alongside, this man was indeed "a soldier's soldier".

I had many encounters with CSM Hamilton, at that time the 6th Bn SM, both in garrison and in the field. He was tireless in his teaching of junior NCO's to become better leaders and truly exemplified the creed of us being the "backbone" of the US Army. His mentoring stayed with me long after I left the Army and still serves as a guide today.

Good bye SM and thank you for developing this association; I will be adding my name to the ranks today.

James N. Scott
HHB 6/14 FDC Pinder Bks '84-'87