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Because of my medical condition the word has somehow gotten out "do not call Bob and keep email to a minimum". As a result of that piece of communication folks and dear friends of mine that I have known for well over 20 years have not attempted to correspond with me.

I gave no such instructions to anyone. I don't have a lot of time left on Earth and I certainley don't want to cut off communications to anyone. I suspect that someone was looking out for my welfare and in the process things were taken out of context.

What I said back when I was told that I only had a few months to live is; I will answer all emails, and attempt to answer all phone calls as they occur. I can tell you the telephone traffic at the house is high, between the medical personnel, family & friends; I am behind now on answering phone calls. Somedays I just can't get off the bed to do either one.

I'm still a Warbonnet and always will be. Warm Regards to all.