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"Old Soldiers never Die....."

Just thought I would say hello to everyone. I'm still hanging in . As a old general once said, "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." I'm trying to make the fading away take as long as possible. Have some good days and some bad days and time for reflections. I have not got around to asking "why me", it's just my turn and I take it as it comes.

I'm still a 14th FA soldier and always will be. I'm proud to have served with many fine soldiers that served with the 14th FA. They all served with honor and contributed much to their battalion, the Army and their country. That is what America is all about, great citizen soldiers!

I still manage to check the website almost everyday. I hope that all you old soldiers will continue to support the association. You all are an important part of our history and of the future of the 14th Field Artillery. The active duty soldiers look forward to seeing you all again in the future; they were really impressed by your candor and professionalism during the June reunion.

If anyone has mementos that you would like to have placed in the Regimental Room, just send to to the battalion commander or battalion executive officer and they will make sure it happens. Mementos can be just about anything except weapons; newspaper clippings, plaques, trophies, etc... So, why not get some history in the room that will be there forever for all to see!!

My best wishes to all. REMEMBER: Everything is better with a Warbonnet on it!

Re: "Old Soldiers never Die....."

Bob - good to see you back online - I check the forum regularly for news as well. This great association that we share is made that way by the time you and others have given to it. I wish to thank you now for bringing us together to share our history, humor, duty and honor.
I am Proud to be a Warbonnet and to share that honor with all of you!

Re: "Old Soldiers never Die....."

old soldiers never die?i allways though that CSM,s where in a class all by them selfs, i know one that is. thanks for all you,ve done bob.

Re: "Old Soldiers never Die....."

See you at the next reunion.

Re: "Old Soldiers never Die....."

Thanks for all the "well wishes". I wish I could report good news but the situation makes it a day to day, week to week thing. At some point down the road things will probably become more defintive. I don't dwell on it all. I have some really good days and some really bad days and just try to take it as it comes and deal with it.

I'm always glad to hear from fellow Warbonnets. Your support means a lot to me. Email me at any time. I answer all. Telephone---you may get me and then you might not, with all that is taking place.

It's TGIF again. My best wishes to all for a great weekend. Take some time to be with the family and enjoy each others company.

Everything is better with a Warbonnet on it!

Re: "Old Soldiers never Die....."

Bob, great to see you on line again. You bet we'll keep in touch. I'm sure most of us did not know if you were up to email/phone calls or not. Thanks for posting the note and giving us a status report. Give my best to Gisi. Tom