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Due to my failing health, on 16 August 2006, I submitted my resignation as President of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association. Without going into details here, let me just say that it will be impossible for me to carry out the duties of President for any extended period of time.

It has been my distinct pleasure to serve as president of the association and it has also been by pleasure to work directly with many of you. I'm sorry that this must draw to a close for me, but I now have no control over what will occur in the near future.

My sincere best wishes to all. I hope that you will all continue to support the association and that your endeavors will continue to make the association one to be proud of.

Everything is better with a Warbonnet on it! God Bless each and everyone.

Bob Hamilton

Re: Resignation

Hope your health improves and you feel better soon.
Thanks for all you have accomplished.

Re: Resignation

You'll be greatly missed. This last reunion was an outstanding accomplishment - thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. Impossible to believe it could ever be better.