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Future Reunions

I have had many folks tell me that 3 days for a reunion is not long enough and then it appears that 4 or more days could be too long, based upon folks that could not stay around for the last day activities.

I personally believe that 3 days set aside for a reunion is not long enough. That just does not allow enough time to get things done. I think that 4-5 days is about the right amount of time that will will allow for reunion hosts to plan events rather than just sitting inside a hotel for 3 days.

A reunion could start on a Tuesday and run thru Friday if weekends & Mondays are a problem. Or any combination of days could be a possibility.

With a year minimum advance notice of when and where the next reunion will be, maybe looking at a reunion as a biannual vacation would be more appropriate rather than trying to make a reunion into a 3 to 4 day weekend. Plan a 4-5 day vacation every two years and enjoy your time away from the workplace!

Why put this on the Forum now? Two years will go by pretty fast. Individual thoughts on the length of our next reunion will help the host do adequate planning that will allow for a "World Class" reunion.

So send in your comments and/or place here on this Forum. Your input is important.

Re: Future Reunions

Adding weekend days on the 4-5 day plan might be more attractive for working husbands and wives, giving them some flexibility to coordinate time off. The extra expense could be too much for some though.

Regardless, 4 to 5 days would be fine with us.

Can taste those buffalo burgers already !

Re: Future Reunions

4-5 days sounds good, depending on what there is to do. Either around the town or activities with group.
Weekdays are fine.

Jack and Robin