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1st Bn 14th FA

Great Site!

I had the honor of serving with the 1st Bn 14th FA at Garlstadt, West Germany with 2d Armored Division (FWD) from 1983-1984 as a 13B20 SGT (Gunner) with C Btry 1-14th FA. I served with three Howitzer Sections while at Garlstadt. They were with, SSG Rheim, SSG Stanley and SSG Washington. Our Bn de-activated the 1st Bn 14th FA in 1984 and re-activated to become the (4th Bn 3rd FA), for the rest of my tour from 1984-thru-1985. The Bn was never the same after we became the 4th Bn 3rd FA. My fist year in Garlstadt, West Germany with C Btry 1st Bn 14th FA was by far, the best unit I had served with on an overseas tour. We had a Btry Commander by the name of CPT Freil, a 1SG by the name of 1SG Pimmental, a Chief of Firing Btry by the name of SFC Nordoff who ran the Btry, and a Gunnery SGT by the name of Maldonado. I later served with him a again at Ft. Hood TX. They had to be the best crew I had ever worked for. We were off every day in garrison by 1430hrs. NCO's had a meeting after dismissing there troops. That was usually a beer fest after the meeting. No one in Bn messed with C Btry. We were the best Btry in Bn and were lauded several times by Bn and Bde.

God Bless the (14th FA Association)

Former SGT Compston
C Btry 1-14th FA

Re: 1st Bn 14th FA

Great to hear of your experiences with the 14th in Germany. I just sent you an email and hope to hear from you.