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6/14th Arty web site...RIP?

The 6/14th Artillery web site seems to be no longer
available. Anybody know whats up? Is it...RIP?

Re: 6/14th Arty web site...RIP?

al have beable to get to6/14 hear qnything? what up with the 14th,s site no updates sentes the 3th?

Re: 6/14th Arty web site...RIP?

I don't know. When I try to pull up the 6/14th
Artillery web site I get an internet directory
page with a "click on" link that says
"why am I getting this page?"
So I clicked on it and my Send Email Page came
up to send somebody an Email apparently to
ask why. I sent an Email but got no response.
I hope if Patrick has pulled the plug he will
forward all the data to someone here on a CD
or however it's done (I am not computer savy).
There is too much valuable info of the unit to
just be gone or to go to internet heaven.
I hope Patrick gets in touch with one of the
guys here soon.

Re: 6/14th Arty web site...RIP?

Patrick said that the host was down and he is working on getting it back up.
Take Care