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Thanks Warbonnets

Just a thank you and a "Hello" to all of you out there, I also was a redleg many moons ago... Not for the entire duration of my service, but I do hold fond memories of Pinder barricks, Zirndorf and surrounding area. Was there assigned to Svc Btry 6/14 FA from Aug 77 to Aug 85.. Dont see alot (or any for that matter) of names that I know or remember, but I can rattle off a few... 1SG Cazarez (left a lasting impression on me), Lt Pincus, Col Bernardi (another impressionable person) , 1SG Land, Marty Ocha, Sanders, Lonnie Reed, Old SSG Guillery, Cpt Johnson (drove a vet), .... Racking my brain, theres many more I'm sure but it was a long time ago.. anyway.. Be good.

Re: Thanks Warbonnets

I recognize all of the names. 1SG Cazarez and I were good friends. Lost track of him over the years. Col Bernardi is a member of the association. CPT Johnson, is now a retired 2 Star. Haven't seen 1SG Land since 1980, don't know what happened to him--great guy!