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Warbonnet 500 Reunion 2006

I have been working on my scooter, "Muzzle Blaster-1." Let it be known to both Shorty and Bobby Holder, "Better bring your kleenex to whip your tears as you see me blast past you right before the finish line!" "Shorty, You may want to have the Suburban on stand by to pull you across the finish line." If there are any other fellow Warbonnets brave enough to take on this challenge, you know where to reach me! Fort Sill, Lawton, OK, Fairfield Hotel parking lot at Homecoming Reunion 2006. A challenge has been issued, respond if you dare!

Re: Warbonnet 500 Reunion 2006

You have just let your mouth overlaod your ---scooter. Bobbie Holder is going to whoop your funky little machine! Know why? Cause us C Btry, 6th Gun people will be right there behind him. Oh, I forgot. My buddy, Richard Petty, is going to provide some small amount of technical assistance.