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the ceremony

The ceremony at Ft.Sill was great. Thanks to all the fellas with C 1/14,and our own people of the 6/14. For you that missed it. Wish you could have been there. Please don't miss the "06" reunion.

Re: the ceremony

Walt, you are exactly right. It was a sight to behold. I don't ever remember seeing anythng done up so nicely and all our Warbonnet brothers had a great time. So may memories from so many guys. What a great experience. Bob Hamilton, there ain't enough "Thanks" to go around for what you did. There is no way that would have happened without your involvement and commitment. I salute you. I can't wait for the 06 reunion. Look forward to seeing our room agin. Tom

Re: the ceremony

The officers and soldiers of the active battalion did an outstanding job. Their pride in the the uniform that they wear, the pride in their unit and the pride they displayed to the veterans is admirable. The Regimental Room stands as a focal point for all the active duty, the veterans, and the future soldiers of the 14th Field Artillery. EX HOC SIGNO VICTORIA