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Will be in DC from the 8th to the 15th of March. If anyone is around the area and wants to meet up, email me. I'll be able to get my mail while I'm gone. Patrick Kelly and his wife Jennifer will connect with myself and my wife Mary the 12th and 13th.

Dennis Proulx
6/14th Vietnam

Re: D.C.

Hey there Warbonnets,

Yep, Jennifer and I will be in D.C. to meet up with Dennis and Mary on the 11th and stay until Sunday evening on the 13th.
I can't believe it's been almost three years since I've seen Dennis... it really seems like yesterday we were all together.
Like it says on the 6/14 Arty website:
We offer up a great big Warbonnet Welcome to any and all of you redlegs that would like to get together with us. We know, we know Brother, sure it's short notice but who cares when it comes to friends. You know you've been sitting around sipping some fresh brew from your 14th Artillery Coffee Mug, thinking about all your artillery comrades, wanting to do something wild and interesting for quite some time. Well here's your chance. Throw caution to the wind, put down that remote control for just one weekend and join us in our great nations capital for a little mini-reunion.

Dennis will have access to a computer (me too ) and we both will be checking our email the entire time we are in D.C. so no matter when the urge overcomes you, get in touch and arrangements will be made to meet up with you no matter what time, no matter what day.

Contact Dennis at his 6/14 Arty email address:

I will be making daily updates to the website while we are in Washington so everyone knows where we are, what we've been up to and what we are going to do next during the gathering,
maybe even some video shorts too... heck yeah, why not

There are hundreds of incredible places to visit and hundreds more places to eat in D.C.
The fun and friends are waiting for you... so what are you waiting for?
Like we said, contact Dennis at his 6/14 Arty email address:
and let us know when you are going to be there and we'll make arrangements to meet up with you.

All are welcome.

Be there... Hoo-aah!