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We're proud

We appreciate and praise what you are doing and what you have done for our country. We are proud that you represent Chief Satanta and the community of Satanta, Ks. We pray that God will continue to protect you and your loved ones. We will continue to work from this end to make connections with our city and your regiment. Hope that you will be coming to visit us soon. To us personally it is an honor to be represented by such brave men and women.

As a veteran I understand what you and your families go through. Enjoyed your web site. May God Bless!

Re: We're proud

So glad to say "HI", Rick and Suzy!! I was proud to wear Satanta's "WARBONNET" 1963-1966 and proud to share it in my home today. The men that served with the great 14th yesterday and still serve today carry Chief Satanta's "WARBONNET" as he would have, with pride, this is writen!!
My wife and I would be honored to be at Satanta Days this year.
Bob Lund