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Life Membership

Signed up for Life Membership (once a Warbonnet, always a Warbonnet) as soon as I knew I could. Got beat out by Maldonado and Proulx and Hamilton for being first but I AM a life member now.
My question is - Why aren't there more? Think sbout it-it's a great group of fellow soldiers. When you get a chance to go to a reunion, you'll really understand.
Number two- there's more strength in numbers. We know this from the Army, but in our case, the 14th Association can do more for our fellow Warbonnets with more of us going, hate to say it---but by going Lifer.
Number three (and final)-it's $25 for one year. Me! I am **** sure going to live more than one year. O.K.---$65 for three years. It's pretty much the same with a discount---hell, I get that out of K-Mart. So---a life membership is $150. That's a whole lot of 1-years and 3-years. In fact, it's for the rest of your life.
Before I forget it, Dennis the QM will also send you an extremely beautiful bronze (at least it heavy as bronze) with a color 14th logo on one side and the Field Artillery emblem with Warbonnets on the reverse.
If you signed up for this website that means you are involved with the 14th. All the way--go Lifer.
P.S. No---I don't ge't any commissions. I just get a really great feeling seeing more Warbonnets becoming long time members.