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6/14 Brother Roy Woods needs your cards and letters

Hey Warbonnets,

I sent out an email about 6/14 Brother Roy Woods and posted a message on The Cannoneer forum at The 6/14 Arty but so many email addresses are no longer any good and bounced back I tought I would leave message here too in hopes of reaching others who would be interested.
I had heard from a member of the 3/18 that 6/14 Brother Roy Woods was in the
hospital but he did not know where:

"Roy is in the Hospital in Gaylord Michigan the Police Dept informed me that
Roy had Bypass Surgery and that was all the Police could say."

I did some calling around the area hospitals and found that Roy is in the hospital but not in Gaylord, MI where he lives, he is in a hospital in Petoskey, MI
I called the desk, was then connected to his room but Roy could not speak as he has a trach tube installed, so I spoke with one of the attending nurses in his room. She said she was very surprised to hear the phone ring as no one had yet called him... and he has been there for two months after some serious heart surgery... this is not right gang.
She said she did not know when he would again be able to speak on the phone, perhaps try in a week, but she assured me he can read just fine.
So how about some cards and/or letters from his 6/14 buddies, the nurse said this would do him a world of good.
Here is his current contact information:

Roy Woods
Room 259
Northern Michigan Hospital
416 Connable Ave.
Petoskey, MI 49770

Room Phone (when he can speak again):

Hospital Phone:

When you have the time, drop our good Brother Roy a card, a note or even a book.
If you have ever been in the hospital for an extended stay then you know the importance and power of caring friendship.

As I have heard many time before...
"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."