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The 6/14 Arty Website Is Back

That's right all you redlegs what a great day it is, The 6/14 Arty Website is back and at it new home:

Please make note of the new address and make the appropriate changes in your bookmarks and address books.

I have registered the domain secured and parked the new domain for it with 250MB of space so there will be plenty of room for more photos, stories and many new features.
I have received $70.00 in combined donations and pledges from our good Brothers David Cotlow, Tom Grinnell, William Hilton, Richard Lunt, Charles Maldonado, Dennis Proulx and Al Trussoni to start the new site fund that has a goal amount of $75.00 per year which covers the domain registration and server space. This is a great deal as most servers who provide this much space plus the ability for us to build our own forum usually cost $175.00 to $200.00 per year but we can do it all for $75.00... Hoo-aah!
Hopefully this provider/host can continue this great price for many years to come and our annual "614 Arty Pledge Drive" will remain at $75.00. So those who wish to contribute you can send to my home address any contributions you can afford to make and I will tell you all when we reach our goal of the $75.00. Thanks to our Brothers mentioned we are now only $5.00 away from our goal for this year but more is certainly welcome and if more does come through we will just add more features to the site.
The old site disappeared about midnight October 2nd, but I have the files rewritten, transfered and the new name server has propagated through the web and is now available at the previously mentioned
Well back to work, lots more to do.
Tell everyone you know about the new website address.

Thank you all for the many years of friendship and kindness... I know we will have many, many more.

Patrick O'Kelly
1575 Tobaccoville Rd.
Rural Hall, NC 27045-9562

Oh yeah, my current 614arty email address will change in a week or so to the new address, but I will let you know about that as soon as the new address is available.

Like D.R. says:
"Everything is better with a Warbonnet on it."
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