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Great bunch of fellas

Bob Lund mentioned what a great bunch of men we have in the warbonnets and I could not agree more.
When I told some of the guys that I could not make the reunion this year because of sickness in the family and refurbishing an old house had taken pretty much all I had to spend. a couple of brothers,(you know who you are) offered to help me out. There is fella one from Minnesota that offered to pick me up at home and ride with him to San Antonio, and to share a room that he had already paid for. Another out in Phoenix area was gonna send me money to come on.
I had stay and work, because the company I work for had people out and could not afford to let me go at the time.
I said all that to say this. Where else could you ever make friends with such fantastic people.

Re: Great bunch of fellas

Walt Smith you big "lug", you trying to put a tear in a guys eye??
San Antonio,2002, I had the honor to meet, walk, talk with a big old boy from the "OLD SCHOOL", Walt did not say he will open his home to a BROTHER, He will with open arms. I am sorry the new warbonnets (2004)did not get the chance to meet and share the times with this "BIG LUG"!! Walt you live in my familys heart!! Wear the warbonnet proud guy!! Love all we share.
Bob Lund